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"This puts your dreams on steroids! This is not just a very brilliant method. It's a life changing event happening in your mind as you turn the pages."
—Aaron Carr
Business Payroll and Benefits Consultant, Fmr. Wholesale Lending AVP

"OK! I've been over-thinking. Becoming successful at anything takes very hard work but I guess it really
doesn't always have to be. I never stopped to think about how things could also be simple. To keep yourself motivated is a mind game. Robert gives an outstanding way to determine exactly what you want and then makes it very hard for you NOT to GET it."


—Chris Minnick
Co-owner, 6 locations restaurant franchisee


"The magic happens after you close this book and try to go back to your regular way of doing things. That's when it sinks in that the things you do want are starting to inspire and drive your actions. Then you begin to scrutinize what you are doing with your time.Every second becomes highly valuable."
—Al Dalton
Field Systems Technician
"This book is a comforting wake up call. It's like finding just the right puzzle piece to getting what you have been chasing."
—James Morgan
Maintenance Engineer



"Charge MORE for this book! WAY more!"

—Michelle Lauren
Asset Management, Entrepreneur
"You won't see yourself the same way again."

—Chris Blake
Marketing Product Manager
"Five Stars! Robert Harrell M.M. has written a golden ticket for anyone daring enough to dream big. Please keep spreading the good news!"

—Linda Merriman
Licensed Practical Nurse
"The way that Robert Harrell M.M. explains who we really are and what we are really made for is nothing short of deliverance! I thought I was wrong for wanting to create my own way. I have been made to feel like I was a failure if I did not do it the normal way. Now I see that I am right for wanting and now I will GET it!"

—Joyce Ross
Recruiter, Professional Makeup Artist


"I read this book looking for motivation. What I got from this book was spiritual enlightenment, reward for my integrity, time management lessons, motivation and a life changing key to REALLY live my dreams."


—Sherman R. Tate
Events Management

"I am very moved by this. Napoleon Hill would be honored to see how far you have taken his inspiration. Our generation needs people like Robert who have taken the baton and ran with it.”
—Joshua Garris
Education Director
“Use this for your business goals and you will get an overflow of customers. Use this method for your spiritual goals and you will have an overflow of peace, strength, wisdom”
—Jeremiah Booker
Key Accounts Executive



Thank You Robert. This was a great read. This hits the nail on the head. Failure can be made impossible if you know how to."
—William Stewart
Real Estate Agent & Investor
“Books like this show just why the old system is dead. Robert is spot on when he talks about other authors and teachers giving just enough to get you fired up for a short amount of time. His way keeps me glued to my goal.”
—Robert Valles
"A MUST READ rush of USEABLE positive energy from start to finish."
—Yvette Jurgan
Litigation Associate
"Without pushing, challenging or attacking ANY religion, Robert Harrell M.M. has found a way to highlight actual power straight from the Creator. This book is no joke."
—Vallerie Fuller
United States Marine Corps.
“There is no other way to say this: Absolutely amazing!”
—Fredrick E. Jonah
Desktop Support Analyst

The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.

It's Time To Get Over Your Depression! It's Time To Lose Weight FAST! It's Time To Find Love! It's Time To Beat Your Addictions! It's Time To Make More Money! It's Time To Get High Self Confidence! It's Time To Get Your Career Off The Ground! It's Time To Make Your Peers Your Biggest Fans! It's Time To Get Razor Sharp Self Control! It's Time To Skyrocket The Completion of Your Dreams! And here is WHY It's Time To PAY CLOSE ATTENTION:

Robert Harrell M.M. picFrom: Robert Harrell M.M.
Senior Account Executive Midwest/Southwest Region
(GovED-MED, Premiere, Signature Client groups)

Author of the book "The Position of Power" (2013)
Future #1 Motivational/Business Keynote Speaker In The World

Hello and Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to visit my page. I am undeservingly blessed to have uncovered an incredible method that has quickly transformed my life and is waiting to explode success into your life too!

You see, most self-made highly successful, world renowned, famous, and powerful people can trace their journey back to a certain "turning point" in their lives which pushed them to achieve great results.

I am honored to also allow you to see my past, witness my present results, and share with you what brought me to my "turning point" which FORCED me to conquer poverty, violence, weight loss, addiction, and produce over $2.6 MILLION DOLLARS in sales within an industry which I had zero prior experience in. (and that was simply from testing out my methods!)

I am so confident and excited that I don't even care if you have never previously heard of me before today or not. I am certain that the entire world will soon know exactly who I am by the immense number of people whose lives become positively affected by my experience and by the application of this method which I am overjoyed to present. I don't NEED your money! I am more concerned about delivering help to those who are in need rather than trying to make a fortune off of selling books. That is why I am offering this information for a measly $1.00.

(The Book is 9 chapters, 183 pages, and took me TWO YEARS to complete!)





But before I go any further, I need you to STOP and ask yourself a question:

Is it possible to "Trick" your mind into experiencing an identical "TURNING POINT" which PUSHED the world's most successful people to automatically produce shocking results?

Up until this point in my life I had been pretty much a miserable failure at everything I tried to go after in life. I was a college dropout turned failed musician, failed athlete, failed entrepreneur, and failed employee who was fired from no less than 10 jobs!

Back then, the only things I could say I was successful at were partying, smoking, drinking, and somehow waking up in jail cells. I should have earned double Master's degrees in SLEEPING and PROCRASTINATION.

And then came that fateful day that everything all changed.

A little yellow tattered book with scribbled notes on the pages called "You Can Work Your Own Miracles" by Napoleon Hill, was given to me by my mother while unbeknownst to her, I was depressed, suicidal and for weeks had been plotting out the exact way that I was going to use to take the coward's way out of my life. I realized at the time that I was a failure in every sense of the word and was embarrassed to be an expectant father while I had no education, no money, no place to live, and no way to travel accept by the two feet that I was blessed with at birth.

Although he’d passed away no less than 30 years before I ever got a hold of his book; Napoleon Hill's teachings truly saved my life. I began to recognize and become confident in my own natural abilities and intrigued by the lessons learned about the normal average men and women who overcome tremendous obstacles in life to become extraordinary  overachievers whom which Hill’s interviewed in his study of the 500 or so most successful people of his time.

With nothing to lose I decided to take a stab at testing out all the methods in that book and I, thankfully, achieved some very respectful results!

But unfortunately, I still felt the aggravating feeling within my mind that there still had to be “something” that those successful people knew that I still didn’t know for myself, and over the course of the next few years, I became obsessed with finding out what that “something” was.

My journey lead to reading hundreds of books to get a thorough examination of various success related subjects from metaphysics to natural laws, secret societies and spirituality, mental science, motivational methods, and anything else that could quench this thirst for finding out what this “something” could be.

Lost, confused, but also hungry to find out what I was still missing, I decided to use my own life as a guinea pig for finding out what truly works and what doesn’t work.

And that is when my discoveries became Nothing Less Than Shocking.

That is also when my failures slowly but surely began to provide me with the concrete reasons for my different unsatisfactory outcomes, and those reasons began to unravel the true dependable way.

To call what I finally discovered a “miracle” would be so much of an understatement that I won’t even label it that. It sounds way to cliché. What I, and what you too are now about to uncover is much too serious of a discovery to be viewed in the same manner as most of the other undependable philosophies. Besides, a miracle is viewed as more of a one-time surprise occurrence.

(I can recall being completely spooked the first time I "attracted" or "manifested" a car because it ACTUALLY WORKED!)

In a way similar to combining elements together like hydrogen and oxygen to automatically produce water, I have uncovered a method to combine certain thoughts with just enough of different other thoughts which produced for me Automatic, Rapid, Positive Results.

Upon simply testing out these revolting mental thought combinations I was able to achieve financial success, conquer weight loss, conquer homelessness, and evaporate my ZERO transportation issue FAST:

  • I went from unemployed and sleeping on a relative’s couch to accepting an executive sales position in an industry that I had no prior experience in (which technically made me unqualified for the position)

  • I produced for myself a nice car when I had virtually no way to get to my new job or to pay for it and absolutely NO idea how to obtain it.

  • I received a promotion in less than one year and by the end of that same year I had produced over $2.6 MILLION dollars in sales.
  • I lost 46 pounds, look like a totally different person, and feel like a totally new powerful person who can conquer anything in my way – and this is the most valuable of my accomplishments!



Again, all this was simply from testing and trying these mental combinations to see if they worked, how they worked, and to try to find out what ways they can become the most effective!

How would you like to know the vital ingredient that is missing from what is taught about the application of the harmonious laws of attraction? Today you can!

Can I Show You Why You’re Still Nowhere Near Accomplishing Your True Dreams

Let’s be honest….

We've all experienced at least some success from what is taught in all those motivational books and courses….but you’re still nowhere near accomplishing your true dreams.

Buzz Words like "secret" and "mystery" are proven to spark interest and mentally make us want to find out what is being “hidden” from us.

Just think for a second. If you told a person that you had a "surprise" for them, by simply using the word “surprise” it would naturally make them want to find out what is being kept from them even if it isn't anything special.

Well… just like you, I had been duped into purchasing books and courses on creating wealth and success and was left with only temporary euphoria and short lived results.

Although I followed the "gurus" faithfully and certainly managed to accomplish a few short term goals, my true dreams always seemed just beyond the bounds of my reach.

Most of them claim to expose things like a “secret” formula, how to use a natural law to create success, or even brain wave alteration and/or repeated self-suggestions. Rarely do they ever turn out to be anything more than just simple tips that have been regurgitated over and over by other success “guru’s” or age old sayings which spark only temporary highs and produce only  minimal successful results.

Isn't it time to unlock the truth and take advantage of your full potential power?

When you order this book today, you will be able to exploit this power at any time, completely at your will!

Here is what you will learn Today for just $1.00:

The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.Directions for the Precise use of an amazing Super Power which is used and heavily guarded by Inner Circles, Secret Societies, Business Kings, and World leaders


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.

How to have Explosive and Powerful Drive along with an almost Uncontrollable Will Power toward the Completion of Your Chosen Goal.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.

How to gain inner calmness, peace, and the absence of worry (this serene feeling is a direct byproduct of the proper use of the Super Power).


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.How to identify and deploy the strongest defense to any enemy thought(s) which maybe contrary to the completion of your dreams goals and visions.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.You will learn the most compelling element that is missing from mostly every lesson that you learned about success, motivation and the law of attraction when it pertains to putting forth Action to accomplishing your dreams.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.How to be careful and why you will be held responsible for what you direct this power to accomplishing.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.You will be nothing less than amazed by the concrete outcomes that you can produce when you put these methods into action.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.You will come face to face with the only common denominator in all religions that have ever been created.


The Position of Power By Robert Harrell M.M.I will reveal a personal inside, in depth view of how the application of these methods forced my will power and drive so hard that this book seems to have created itself and "it" used an inexperienced author to deliver its message to the world (complete with detailed examples, and actual circumstances that you can measure against your own predicament to identify opportunities that you may not yet recognize.)


The decision is in your hands!

I'm so confident that your life is about to drastically change and that you will experience an amazing break through that I'll assume ALL the risk!

The Position of Power by Robert Harrell M.M.


The Position Of Power book




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