By Robert Harrell M.M.
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A doctor can test your body’s “natural” reflexes by taking a mallet and tapping your knee cap which causes an automatic jerk from your leg. But, is it possible for you to apply your mind’s “natural” reflexes to automatically dominate laziness, force positive actions, and produce amazing results in your life?  

Robert Harrell M.M. finally reveals his powerful system which can unlock dynamic forces which lie hidden inside of our minds. An accomplished sales executive and rising motivational powerhouse, his meteoric rise came after his revolting discovery of a method of blending simple thoughts in ways that dominated his laziness and propelled positive action toward accomplishing his goals. The Position of Power demonstrates that it IS possible to train your mind to push its abilities beyond all limitations!

Overweight, unemployed, with addictions, and on the brink of suicide, Robert Harrell M.M. began to analyze and experiment with lessons taught by hundreds of major coaches, personal success authors, motivational speakers, and mental science teachers, as a last resort to doing the unthinkable. Seven years after using his own life as a lab rat for testing the effectiveness of those lessons, his many failures and few triumphs would lead to a journey that brought about the study of various lessons in anything from business and entrepreneurship to covert alliances, religions, and science. He would go on to observe certain common denominators within the lessons he studied. He also uncovered what seemed to be broken threads between what the motivational speakers tell us are the ways to success versus what the old wise men, teachers, and prophets taught us. This revelation provided him with a recipe for success that would immediately go on to yield him an executive employment position for which he was considered "unqualified" for (due to the fact that he had no prior knowledge in that industry), luxury transportation and his own place to live. In less than one year at his new job he generated seven figures sales, received a promotion, and more than doubled his sales before completing his second year on the job.

The Position of Power is written in a simplified way that speaks from the everyday average person's point of view and is sure to be a widely discussed book within the entrepenuers, self help, and motivational readers' circles due to his edgy and athletic coach like approach that sometimes borders on the spiritual side without sounding preachy or religious. With years of tumultuous trial and error experience of testing strategies from the greatest motivational teachers of our time, Robert is uniquely qualified to write this book.


"OK! I've been over-thinking. Yes success can be very hard work but it really doesn't have to be. I never stopped to think about how things could also be simple. To keep yourself motivated is a mind game. Robert gives an outstanding way to determine exactly what you want and then makes it very hard for you NOT to GET it."
—Chris Minnick
Co-owner, 6 locations resturant franchisee

"This book is a comforting wake up call. It's like finding just the right puzzle piece to getting what you have been chasing."
—James Morgan
Maintenance Engineer

"The magic happens after you close this book and try to go back to your regular way of doing things. That's when it sinks in that the things you do want are starting to inspire and drive your actions. Then you begin to scrutinize what you are doing with your time.Every second becomes highly valuable."
—Al Dalton
Field Systems Technician

"Charge MORE for this book! WAY more!"

—Michelle Lauren
Asset Management, Entrepenuer

"You won't see yourself the same way again."

—Chris Blake
Marketing Product Manager

"Five Stars! Robert Harrell M.M. has written a golden ticket for anyone daring enough to dream big. Please keep spreading the good news!"

—Linda Merriman
Licensed Practical Nurse

"This puts your dreams on steriods! This is not just a very brilliant method. It's a life changing event happening in your mind as you turn the pages."
—Aaron Carr
Business Payroll and Benefits Consultant, Fmr.Wholesale Lending AVP

"The way that Robert Harrell M.M. explains who we really are and what we are really made for is nothing short of deliverance! I thought I was wrong for wanting to create my own way. I have been made to feel like I was a failure if I did not do it the normal way.Now I see that I am right for wanting and now I will GET it!"

—Joyce Ross
Recruiter, Professional Makeup Artist

"I read this book looking for motivation. What I got from this book was spiritual enlightenment, reward for my integrity, time management lessons, motivation and a life changing key to REALLY live my dreams."

—Sherman R. Tate
Events Management

"I am very moved by this. Napoleon Hill would be honored to see how far you have taken his inspiration. Our generation needs people like Robert who have taken the baton and ran with it.”
—Joshua Garris
Education Director

"Ahh Ha! Finally a recipe for achievement that delivers on its promise."
—Candace Waller
Academic Advisor

“Use this for your business goals and you will get an overflow of customers. Use this method for your spiritual goals and you will have an overflow of peace, strength, wisdom”
—Jeremiah Booker
Key Accounts Executive

Thank You Robert. This was a great read. This hits the nail on the head. Failure can be made impossible if you know how to."
—William Stewart
Real Estate Agent & Investor

“Books like this show just why the old system is dead. Robert is spot on when he talks about other authors and teachers giving just enough to get you fired up for a short amount of time. His way keeps me glued to my goal.”
—Robert Valles

"A MUST READ rush of useable positive energy from start to finish."
—Yvette Jurgan
Litigation Associate

"Without pushing, challenging or attacking ANY religion, Robert Harrell M.M. has found a way to highlight actual power straight from the Creator. This book is no joke."
—Vallerie Fuller
United States Marine Corps.

“There is no other way to say this: Absolutely amazing!”
—Fredrick E. Jonah
Desktop Support Analyst



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